Tapes For Window blinds fitted in position

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Adding Tapes in a softening fabric accent to horizontal wooden venetian blinds can add stunning results. We have 13 stunning colours in our range, adding class and elegance to your Wooden Venetian window blind.

We also offer the perfect choice of elegant, timeless wood venetians to add warmth, style and character to any interior space. Alongside the 4 stunning collections, we offer a versatile collection of accessories to give your blinds life and individuality.

A stunning range of Tassels that complete and compliment the inspirational window blinds we offer in our collection.

Tapes Fitted to Window Blinds.

Tapes for window blinds

Tape Colour Vanilla

Tapes available in Vanilla.

Tape Colour Camel

Tapes available in Camel.

Tape Colour Henna

Tapes available in Henna.

Tape Colour Teal

Tapes available in Teal.

Tape Colour Ink

Tapes available in Ink.

Tape Colour Latte

Tapes available in Latte.

Tape Colour Toffee

Tapes available in Toffee.

Tape Colour Flame

Tapes available in Flame.

Tape Colour Charcoal

Tapes available in Charcoal.

Tape Colour Hessian

Tapes available in Hessian.

Tape Colour Coffee

Tapes available in Coffee.

Tape Colour Steel

Tapes available in Steel.

Tape Colour Jet

Tapes available in Jet.